4 Main Benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) For SMEs in Kenya


Before we discuss the main benefits of Software-as-a-Service, let’s start with the basics…

 What is Software-as-a-Service?

This refers to a service delivered or deployed over the internet.

Is Software-as-a-Service a new concept in Kenya?

No. Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS in short form) has been around for some years. It’s just that it has gathered traction due to the high demand for the services by SMEs like yours and we’re stepping in to help you fill that gap.

What are the main examples of Software-as-a-Service?

We use SaaS every day though some of us may not know it. Some SaaS services we use daily are Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter etc

How Will SaaS Help Your Organization?

For the longest time SaaS has been used by individuals and a preserve of Governments and Large & Blue Chip Corporations…that ends with our launch of the SaaS products for SMEs & Organizations in Kenya. Now it’s possible for any Small & Medium Enterprise to access Software-as-a-Service to access all their organization’s cash flow and daily business operations in real time and from anywhere due to automation of your business processes.

With Software-as-a-Service for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you can make cloud computing a flexible component of your ERP solution. One can choose to license & deploy ERP solution through partner hosted ERP software as a service (SaaS) and extend your business processes seamlessly to the cloud with online service that amplify the value to your business.

The 4 Main Benefits Of Software-as-a-Service For Your Organization are:

  1. Real-Time Access – You can benefit from shared hardware, familiar technologies and automated processes.
  • Increase peak-land capacity.
  • Provide access from anywhere, using any PC (computer), mobile device, or browser.
  • Management of your infrastructure can be centralized.
  • Reduce energy use and physical footprint.
  1. Save Money – The ongoing operational costs and Capital expenditures on Hardware, Software licenses and implementation Services can be highly reduced plus you’ll also have cash flow advantages.
  • You pay for what you use.
  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Reduce data facility costs.
  1. Scalable and Elastic – You can adjust to changing demands more quickly and with less effort.
  • Provision and de-provision of resources dynamically.
  • Maximize resources for better efficiency.
  • Reduce unused capacity.
  1. Flexible – You can easily adapt to your business’s changing and growing needs
  • Scale up or down to meet changing demands of your organization.
  • Choose among interoperable private, public and hybrid Cloud solutions as needed.
  • Easily adapt to an ever-changing distributed workforce.

Attain has made it possible to deploy your ERP solution to fit your requirements today and yet retain the flexibility to migrate to a different model as your need change. We are here to help you leverage your IT investments into cloud computing. We are Microsoft Certified Partner Currently for more than 14 years & serving countries in East and West Africa in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics among other solutions to best suit your option.

Comment below to contact us and we’ll call you back and respond to all your queries on how to subscribe for Software-as-a-Service for your Organization.


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